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Our books on U.S. immigration and nationality law have been published by Sphinx Legal Publishing, an Imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc..  They are available at bookstores and on

Become a U.S. Citizen, Debbie M. Schell, Richard E. Schell, Kurt A. Wagner

Become a U.S. Citizen
Instructions on how to complete required forms

Documentation you need to naturalize

Information on the U.S. citizenship examination

The English language requirement

The naturalization interview

U.S. immigration, citizenship, visas book

What happens to my visa if I lose my job?

How can my business send someone to the USA?

Can I get a visa if I get married on the internet?

How can I stay 20 years old forever?

"Immigration Q&A" answers these questions and more.  We hope you find it useful and enjoyable!

Immigracion y ciudadania en los EE. UU.

A Spanish-language edition is also available:

Inmigración y Ciudadanía en los EE.UU., by Debbie M. Schell, Richard E. Schell and Kurt A. Wagner (Sphinx Publishing 2004) ISBN 1-52748-400-4.


LINKS  The home page of Lansky, Ganzger & Partner, our cooperation partner in Austria.  Dr. Gabriel Lansky, the founder of the firm, was recently named the 192nd most important person in Austria.  The homepage of the International Trade Association of Greater Chicago.  Kurt Wagner is European Liaison Director of the Association. The web site of the Alpen Adria Univeristy of Klagenfurt.  Kurt Wagner teaches courses on corporate governance, international corporate finance and venture capital at Klagenfurt University. The web site of the Carinthian University of Applied Science.  Kurt Wagner teaches intellectual property law and contract law at CTI.  The web site of the Villach-Drobollach Volunteer Fire Department.  Kurt Wagner is an active member of the Fire Department and serves as a ship's captain.